Heather Porter
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I am intrigued by the developmental perspective and this lens has really started to resonate with me. Working within early childhood, I am continuously talking with teachers about what is developmentally appropriate for one child may not be appropriate for another, and we meet children where they are at. It just makes sense that this perspective be used for adults as well. I am excited for this perspective as I have been frustrated with teachers in the past for what felt like unwillingness to work with students with challenging behaviors. Now, I recognize that it may not be unwillingness at all, but it is where teachers are in their level of understanding in the moment. I also am noticing that when a teacher is in one ‘stage’ they may not stay there, especially depending on the dynamics of the particular classroom at any one time.

Using this lens will impact everything I do with teachers. Using the clues to determine what stage they may be in will help me accept that what they are ready for is perfect for them at the time. I am thinking that accepting them for what stage they are at developmentally will actually help me stay more regulated and able to model/coach/ support at the appropriate level. It will most likely help our professional relationships when I am giving them the appropriate level of supports.