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Praise for Our Work

“I have things that I can take away tomorrow and try right away. I’m excited to try them not for just one student, but for all the students in the class. It’s always incredible working with you. I always feel really validated but also challenged. It feels like I have appropriate next steps.”
Tawni Eckley, Classroom Teacher

“…Judy and the school’s commitment to the social and emotional well-being of the students goes far beyond a single project. In three years of working with Michelle Malvey (Principal, Lincoln Elementary School) and her staff, I have been continuously impressed, not only by this commitment but by the extent to which social and emotional learning is such a central and open part of the culture of the building. I can honestly say I know of no other elementary learning community in the country with a more supportive culture for learning.”
Dr. Tim Kubik, Professional Development Educator and Author of “Unprepared for What we Learned: Six Action Research Exercises that Challenge the Ends we Imagine for Education”