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Nurturing Regulation: Empowering Educators & Students in the Classroom

By Judith Norman, MS, LSC, LPC, RPT-S Navigating the landscape of education presents a unique set of challenges. Educators must ensure that academic standards are being met while also dealing with the reality of stress in schools. Every day, we're confronted with stress reactions impacted by perceptions [...]

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A Journey of Understanding: Connecting Education and Neuroscience

By Michelle Malvey, ED.S. Understanding why humans respond the way they do has always been fascinating to me. From my early days as a teacher to my roles as a school psychologist, district coordinator, and principal, every step in my 35+ years in education has been a [...]

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Transforming Education: The Journey to Empower Educators & Students

By Judith Norman, MS, LSC, LPC, RPT-S People often ask about the work I do and why we started the Synergetic Education Institute. Well, I’ve been on this journey for quite some time …  I’ve worked at the intersection of education and mental health for over 25 [...]

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Using the Right Strategy at the Right Time

By Judith Norman, MS, LSC, LPC, RPT-S Aka - This is confusing, something works one time and not the next – what’s going on? How many times have you had a student engage in a behavior and be able to tell you after the fact what they [...]

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Getting Curious About Your Stress Reactions

By Judith Norman, MS, LSC, LPC, RPT-S AKA – How to keep your cool as you're learning about the newest school initiative! What are the first things that pop into your head when you reflect upon the question, “What stresses me out?”  If you're being honest, one [...]

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Modeling a Healthy Relationship with Stress for Students

By Judith Norman, MS, LSC, LPC, RPT-S I sat down to write this many times and found myself getting stuck and feeling stressed out. There are so many important voices out there, what do I have to offer to a discussion? Then it hit me, that’s the [...]

Lessons from the Playroom Ep. #115 – Transforming Education

Join Lisa Dion and Judy Norman, Certified SPT therapist/supervisor and SPT co-teacher as they share the launch of this Institute,! The Synergetic Education™ Institute has been years in the making as they've both seen the profound impact of bringing Synergetic Play Therapy® tenets into schools to [...]

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Teaming with Teachers

By Judith Norman, MS, LSC, LPC, RPT-S Have you tried working with a client’s school and found it challenging? If so, you are not alone; this is often the case. While everyone may want to work together for a child, it’s easy to begin to feel that [...]

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Lessons from the Playroom Ep. #82 – Helping Children with Online Learning

“When children are disengaged from learning, there is a disconnect between what they are being asked to learn and their interest level, style/way of learning.” Lisa Dion As we all know, not all children are thriving with online learning. Many children are really struggling as their [...]

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Paradigm Shift: New Way of Thinking About A Child’s Moods

In this Aware on the Air Podcast Erin Tanner Jospe interviews Lisa Dion, LPC, RPT-S, about Synergetic Play Therapy® and new ways of thinking about a child’s moods based on perception and biology. Dion discusses how parents (and educators) can help a child manage his moods by [...]

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