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Lessons from the Playroom Ep. #70 – Understanding the Four Threats to the Brain in a Crisis

"It's normal that you're going through waves of dysregulation right now. All 4 threats to the brain are being activated."- Lisa Dion During a crisis, such as the current pandemic, waves of dysregulation can often feel like a daily experience and even the norm. Why? Because [...]

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Managing Your Own Dysregulation: One Foot In & One Foot Out

Daily Strategies to help yourself regulate during moments of dysregulation You can print a copy of the strategies using the link below Printable Card Daily Strategies to help yourself regulate during moments of dysregulation You can print a copy of [...]

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Virtual Regulation Room

The virtual regulation room can be used to explicitly and intentionally teach self-regulation skills, including interoception, as well as give educators and students opportunities to access regulation as needed. The "In the regulation room" video gives you an overview of what you will find in the [...]

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What Regulation Really Means

By Lisa Dion The more therapists I teach, the more aware I become that the concept of regulation or becoming regulated is often misunderstood. Many people think that being regulated means being calm, but that isn't always the case. From a Synergetic Play Therapy Perspective, regulated means [...]

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Learning Bracelets and the Importance of Movement in the Classroom

By Lisa Dion, LPC, RPT-S "Mom, I am struggling because I can't concentrate in class!" This is something most children have said at some point – maybe they feel that science is boring, math is too hard, or history is so last year. But, while it’s a [...]

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Understanding Learning Tools – It’s all about self-regulation.

Dysregulation wreaks havoc with our ability to control our behavior. Neuroplasticity has taught us that we can alter our brains through new experiences. This means we can adapt and re-organize the networks connecting the areas of our brain. The more well-developed our networks, the more options [...]

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