Join Lisa Dion and Judy Norman, Certified SPT therapist/supervisor and SPT co-teacher as they share the launch of this Institute,! The Synergetic Education™ Institute has been years in the making as they’ve both seen the profound impact of bringing Synergetic Play Therapy® tenets into schools to support educators, school-based mental health professionals, and educational leaders. In fact, it’s been such a success, Heather Forbes, Founder of Beyond Consequences Institute, referred to one of their schools as the most advanced trauma-informed schools she’s ever visited! Not only will you learn more about this new Institute and it’s trainings – a real paradigm shift, but you’ll also hear: * Ways to collaborate with schools if you’re a play therapist; * How to shift your mindset to help empower educators; * The 5 developmental stages of where an educator is at in the process of meeting children where they are at; * A reframe on what trauma-informed really means at an education level; * and more!

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Shared from Synergetic Play Therapy Institute®, Lessons from the Playroom podcast hosted by Lisa Dion