Welcome to the educator’s training page, we’re so glad you found us!

Collectively, our team has over 5 decades of experience at various levels of school functioning, including in the classroom, mental health support, building administration, and district leadership.

Our trainings for educators will give you an understanding of the latest research in neuroscience and how to apply that knowledge in the classroom.

We focus on helping educators manage the daily stressors in schools while being your authentic self, which supports adult health and wellness.

Schools are asking educators to take on new roles. Roles for which you may not feel prepared and may feel you have less than adequate resources and guidance. Let us be that support as you journey through finding and re-kindling the love and inspiration for teaching that set you on your path as an educator.

Courses currently open for enrollment:

Information on customized programs:

Structure and Format:

  • Comprehensive training or individual workshops
  • Groupings by positions or collaborative working groups or teams
  • Focus on implementation for specific roles or system implementation across sites or districts
  • In person, online or hybrid

Foundational level classes provide a core knowledge base coupled with practical, daily strategies grounded in the latest research in neuroscience, nervous system regulation, interpersonal neurobiology, and social-emotional practices. Our focus is on creating environments that encourage self-awareness to support students in discovering their own regulatory needs. This includes learning to be an  external regulator  in order to promote a sense of safety and belonging for all students. Participants will explore ways to shift daily routines to include self-reflection, which supports the re-wiring of brains and the re-patterning of nervous systems, leading to long-term growth.

Intermediate level classes build upon these foundational tenets, adding strategies for supporting individuals and groups. This includes creating layered, social-emotional behavior plans and regulatory spaces inside and outside of the classroom. Our focus will be on the training, implementation, and data collection needed to ensure the success of these plans and spaces. In addition, these components are considered from a systems perspective, including staff taking on different and complementary roles.

Advanced level classes focus on working with other educators and with students with the most intensive needs. These trainings will empower educators to support other adults in their building(s) by learning to work with them from a developmental perspective and honoring their journey in learning to do this work. Educators that play supportive roles in their building(s) will deepen their skills in becoming an external regulator and will learn to step into confusing, challenging situations and will feel equipped to work with both students and other adults.

Praise for Our Work

“I have things that I can take away tomorrow and try right away. I’m excited to try them not for just one student, but for all the students in the class. It’s always incredible working with you. I always feel really validated but also challenged. It feels like I have appropriate next steps.”
Tawni Eckley, Classroom Teacher

“…Judy and the school’s commitment to the social and emotional well-being of the students goes far beyond a single project. In three years of working with Michelle Malvey (Principal, Lincoln Elementary School) and her staff, I have been continuously impressed, not only by this commitment but by the extent to which social and emotional learning is such a central and open part of the culture of the building. I can honestly say I know of no other elementary learning community in the country with a more supportive culture for learning.”
Dr. Tim Kubik, Professional Development Educator and Author of “Unprepared for What we Learned: Six Action Research Exercises that Challenge the Ends we Imagine for Education”