Braindrops: An Approach Promoting Self-Regulation

Braindrops: An Approach Promoting Self Regulation

Braindrops tell us how our bodies and brains are doing. As we become aware of our Braindrops, we learn to understand how they impact us and how to communicate about our states of arousal. Recognizing where our Braindrops are in our bodies, also teaches us to pay attention to the clues our body is giving us. This on-going process of self-reflection allows us the exploration necessary to discover the right self-regulation tools for us.

Benefits of teaching Braindrops:

    • Teaches students ways to communicate about nervous system arousal states.
    • Develops self-reflective skills which also supports self-awareness.
    • Focuses on strengthening interoceptive awareness supporting a journey of discovering their own self-regulatory needs.
    • Supports acquiring the specific skills needed to develop self-regulation.

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