Welcome to the educational leader’s training page, we’re so glad you found us!

Collectively, our team has over 5 decades of experience at various levels of school functioning, including in the classroom, mental health support, building administration, and district leadership.

Our trainings for educational leaders will support systemic implementation of Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS), social emotional learning (SEL) and trauma sensitive school practices with a focus on creating and sustaining an educational culture and climate that is supportive of student, family and staff success.

The Synergetic Education Institute focuses on helping educational leaders envision an in-depth approach to improving stakeholder outcomes (academics, behavioral, attendance, staff retention, family engagement, and more) in a systematic and efficient way that fits the needs of their community.

When a school, district, or educational agency is contemplating change, the integration of existing and new systems and initiatives is foundational to the work.

  • At the Synergetic Education Institute, we partner with educational settings to design, implement, and evaluate the most effective and coherent plan for moving forward.
  • Our partnerships with educational entities includes the ideation process of identifying short and long-term intended outcomes at the district, school, classroom and student level.
  • We work together to identify the current needs of the system, beginning with focusing on assets that are already in place, strengths within the system, and any potential barriers.
  • Considerations are made regarding existing federal, state and local regulations, how current systems and staff are evaluated through improvement planning processes, staff evaluation policies and procedures, student mastery learning measures, and culture and climate indicators from all stakeholders.
  • As part of this process, we begin connecting existing systems such as PBIS, trauma informed teaching, social-emotional learning, instructional pedagogy and curriculum, and assessment practices.

We become part of your team, focused on your vision, working alongside you to create the change you envision.

Praise for Our Work

The Synergetic Education Institute recently completed a year-long comprehensive professional development course of study for 40 key teacher leaders in our district, and customized a professional learning program to meet our district needs from the ground up. Michelle is passionate about deepening the relationship among stakeholders to advance excellence in education. Michelle’s joy, charisma and positive outlook are contagious. Her wealth of experience, knowledge and leadership skills was extremely valuable to me as the program design, output and results far exceeded other ‘canned’ professional development we had been using from typical vendors.

Diane Lauer, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent, St. Vrain School District