A Synergetic Approach to Social-Emotional Learning: Advanced Course

This 6-hour advanced course explores supporting other adults and working with high levels of dysregulation. We’ll build upon content learned in the foundational and intermediate programs.

Using a developmental framework, this class is for educators and leaders that are supporting other adults. Participants will learn to determine how best to support teachers in understanding how to work with their own, and their students,’ states of arousal. They will learn how to support other adults through teaching concepts, and through being an external regulator. Educators will identify ways to support others in understanding their vital role in social-emotional learning from an inclusive and trauma-informed perspective.

As we deepen our understanding of the concept of different and complementary roles we will learn to work with other adults from a developmental perspective – meeting them where they are, just like we are asking them to do with students.



A South Carolina Department of Education sponsored course for their educators, school-based mental health professionals and educational leaders.

Successful social-emotional learning involves supporting students and educational staff using integrated and differentiated approaches. In these comprehensive trainings participants will learn critical classroom strategies based in neuroscience that support the development of self-regulation skills. Participants will learn to understand the dynamics behind difficult student-teacher relationships, and how to shift these challenging interactions. Participants will learn how to improve the school and classroom culture and increase students’ feelings of safety and belonging. Participants will be able to establish daily routines and rituals that intentionally teach “top-down skills” while also creating “bottom-up co-regulatory experiences.” Come discover the many facets of supporting trauma-informed, inclusive, social-emotional practices, leading to sustainable growth.

This is the advanced course in a year-long series of trainings that also includes foundational and intermediate  level programming.

Please note some key dates and information below:

Class meets on Mondays 3-4:30pm

Class Dates:

  • April 10th, 2023
  • April 17th, 2023


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