A Kid’s First sponsored program for their staff.

In these trainings we’ll explore working with educators as a way to support our child clients.  Neuroscience can help us understand what is happening for educators and students in moments of dysregulation. As mental health professionals, being able to practically apply this knowledge enhances our work with educators and students.

This one-of-a-kind training includes diving into the neurobiology of regulating through challenges, and creating and supporting regulatory environments for students and adults. Most importantly we’ll learn how to apply what our learning by using a developmental mindsets paradigm as you work with the other adults. This means learning how to assess where educators and caregivers are in their readiness to do this work so you can meet them where they are, as you support them.. This approach is a game-changer as it works with the resistance and challenges you may be facing as you implement a regulatory focused, educational neuroscience approach