Working Through the Daily Stress of Being an Educator

This training is for educators or anyone that works in schools. Stress and anxiety are impacting everyone, making teaching and learning very challenging. To support a healthy learning environment for all of us, we must address our own stress and anxiety first. None of us can be […]

Evolution of a Trauma-Informed Educator


3-month program for educators and school-based mental heath professionals, including SEL and behavioral specialists. Dives deeply into understanding the context in which learning is taking place. Neuroscience can help us understand what is happening for educators and students in moments of dysregulation, so teachers can learn how […]

One Foot in Education: Exploring Education Through an SPT Lens


Exclusively for mental health professionals with foundational training in Synergetic Play Therapy. In this 9-month program you’ll learn strategies for use in educational settings that promote trauma-informed, social-emotional support in schools. You’ll learn how to explain the neuroscience behind these strategies, as you develop your skills in […]

Creating Safety by Embodying a Regulatory Lens

Keystone, CO , United States

Join me at the Colorado Association of School Counselors in Keystone, CO. Safety and belonging in school are vital. Many things can contribute to students experiencing school as unsafe and being easily triggered, creating confusion and frustration. It can be challenging to recognize how safety and belonging […]

Moving Schools Towards a Broader View of Behavior

Keystone, CO , United States

Join me at the Colorado Association for School Counselors in Keystone, CO. In this workshop we’ll delve into understanding how to work with the adults in your building(s) to start making the shift from a behavior perspective to a regulatory focus. Learn to assess where an educator […]


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