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A Neurobiological Perspective (A class for Teachers, Educators and Caregivers)

Course taught by Lisa Dion, LPC, RPT-S

Our course for teachers, caregivers and educators, “Understanding Children’s Moods and Behaviors: A Neurobiological Perspective,” is now exclusively available in video format here on our E-Learning site. Take the course at your convenience.

What will you learn? Designed by play therapists, this professional development class assists teachers, early-childhood educators and caregivers in learning how to support the nurturing of social emotional development in a group and classroom setting. We introduce teachers and early childhood educators to a fresh perspective on why children are feeling and acting the way they are. You’ll have many “A-ha” moments as we explore the relationship between brain development, perception, nervous system regulation and their impact on a child as an individual and in a group. This class meets the 3 clock hour requirement for social emotional development from Colorado Shines.


  1. Participants will be able to identify how the brain processes information, activates the different states of the nervous system and the impact this has on children’s behaviors;
  2. Participants will understand the role they play in teaching children self-regulation;
  3. Participants will learn how the environment contributes to a child’s ability to self-regulate.