Judith Norman
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I think you’ve all captured some different elements of this concept that can sometimes make it challening for educators to grasp. From an SPT perspective we understand that behaviors are attempts at regulation, however they are not always effective attempts. As we help educators see this we can work towards helping them and students determine what might be more effective and will work in the classroom. One peice that I think is particularly challenging is that we want to shut down behaviors when they bring up feelings we don’t want to feel. When this occurs students don’t learn more effective strategies that they can use, and the situation often intensifies as windows of tolerance get smaller, which likely leads to an explosion or collapse. A student’s behavior can make sense, while simultaneously an educator can want it to stop so they can get back to teaching. As we begin to explore the developmental mindsets paradigm we’ll learn different ways to work with educators at differing levels of understanding and “buy in” for this work. Thanks for all of your thoughts.