Heather Porter
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The challenge that I have most recently been thinking about is the negative beliefs of students. There are many times I walk into a classroom and teachers just start venting about how hard the child has been, even when they are standing away from the group talking the message is still being inadvertently reinforced that the child isn’t enough/good/smart/safe/etc. Previously I thought it wasn’t good that students may overhear the venting, but know I am realizing the energetic message the student is getting is just as impactful. This is a challenge that I will have to constantly be aware of when talking to teachers and coaching them on the felt sense of irritation and feeling stuck isn’t just what they are feeling and internalizing but the student is experiencing that too (and myself!). I’m thinking that I can use felt sense experiences to show teachers the experience really can impact students negative beliefs (and thus teacher’s negative beliefs too).