• This Free Webinar was recorded on January 12th, 2023 and is for educators and school professionals! Without the ability to self-regulate, students can't apply other SEL skills or shift their behaviors. Explicit teaching isn't enough. Students need bottom up co-regulatory experiences to learn to self-regulate. Doing this effectively isn't easy and takes practice This free 1 hour webinar will teach you the process for helping students borrow your regulatory capacity as they develop their own. Learn tools that support you in embodying regulation as you teach students and classrooms to regulate through challenges.  ​​​​​​​ And the best part is, what you learn can be applied one-on-one, in groups, or with the whole classroom. Scroll below for details.
  • This Free Webinar was recorded on August 10th, 2023 and is for all educators and professionals working with students! Providing students with a sense of security can be challenging without understanding how the brain perceives safety and threat ... 
    • Have you spent hours trying to create a warm environment, yet still find your students wanting to leave the classroom?​​​​​​​
    • Do you have good relationships with your students, yet still have some responding to you negatively?
    • Have you had students seemingly "lose it" over what appear to be small issues?
    Register for this free webinar and learn how the brain perceives safety and threat so you can support a sense of safety and belonging for your students this school year.  Scroll below for details.
  • This Free Webinar was recorded on May 10th, 2023 and is for all professionals working with students! As professionals working with students, it's been a long year. Many of us have spent much of it trying to make sense of students' behaviors Maybe even feeling helpless, or angry, not knowing exactly what to do next. We understand your dilemma and don't want you to spend the summer and next year, asking the same questions. Register for this free webinar to explore how behaviors, even those we don't love, can provide a roadmap explaining what's going on AND what we can do about it. If you're asking, “but what if the behavior is disrupting learning for other students?” Great question! We’ll chat about that too.  Scroll below for details.
  • This Free Webinar was recorded on August 10th, 2022 and is for educators or anyone that works in schools. Stress and anxiety are impacting everyone, making teaching and learning very challenging. To support a healthy learning environment for all of us, we must address our own stress and anxiety first. None of us can be effective when our brains and bodies are overwhelmed. Neuroscience can help us understand what is happening in moments of dysregulation. More importantly, it can guide us in moving through the stress and keeping ourselves healthy. ​​​​​​​Why does this matter? When we make choices instead of simply reacting, we decrease the likelihood of behaviors escalating for both us and our students!  Scroll below for details.
  • On-line February 12, 2022 This 8-hour program is an opportunity to reclaim our inspiration. Why did you become an educator? Did you have visions of impacting the future and the lives of your students, watching them making discoveries, and nurturing a love for learning as they also learned to believe in themselves? Or, did you dream of meetings, standards, testing, ridiculous demands, and not being able to pee all day?  Which is closer to your lived experience? The daily realities of working in education can make us forget why we wanted to be educators. Feeling a lack of control in making decisions for ourselves and our students, adds to our feelings of frustration and overwhelm. What can we do? We can’t support and be there for our students or our families, if we’ve lost sight of ourselves. Until we regain our own center, we’ll just keep running from fire to fire and putting the blame on the things around us we can’t control or change. What if the real key to rekindling your inspiration for teaching was finding yourself again? Take a day to unpack everything that has piled up on top of your love for teaching. Learn some techniques that you can use to help remind you to find yourself again when you lose sight of what is truly meaningful to you. MEaning starts with ME. Finding the authentic you can guide you back to being an inspired educator capable of motivating and inspiring your students.  You don’t have to get sucked into all the drama and chaos spinning around you.  TAKE A DAY FOR YOU! Program Cost: $175
  • This is a therapist-designed course that assists teachers, early-childhood educators, and caregivers in learning how to support the nurturing of social-emotional development in a group and classroom setting. Looking for a  fresh explanation on why children feel and act the way they do?  Curious about the relationship between brain development and perception? Want to know how the nervous system lives up to its name? Learn this and more! Scroll down for course details and objectives.

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