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Even amazing educators struggle to be effective when students aren’t ready to learn. Neuroscience can help us understand what is happening for educators and students in moments of dysregulation. Recognizing when students are not in the higher regions of their brains, allows educators to have appropriate expectations in these moments. A vital understanding, as many interventions meant to support students, end up escalating them. Join this comprehension program to explore the following topics.

  • Identifying the right strategy at the right time; understanding why something might work in one moment and not another.
  • Preparing students’ brains to learn, circumventing further escalation.
  • Strengthening your ability to help students grow their capacity for dealing with stress and challenges.
  • Learning critical classroom strategies for working with students during varying states of arousal.

These insights help guide us in knowing when and how to intervene to support ourselves and students in managing daily challenges. Come discover the many facets of supporting trauma-informed, inclusive, social-emotional practices, leading to sustainable growth.

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Class Workbook

Understanding and Recognizing Brain States

Stress Reactions Continuum

Nervous System Symptoms and Regulation Strategies in the Classroom

Teaching Self-Regulation & Interoception Skills  

SR Skills How-To and Why Template

Brain-Aligned Strategies

Nervous System and Behavior Pathways

Classroom Learning Tool Resources

Thinking Things Through

What Regulates Me Worksheet (For Classroom Use)

Big Ideas Poster


PLC Information

Each person will participate in 3 professional learning community consultation groups, by cohort. There are 4 different cohorts. Three are in person and one is virtual. You have the option of joining the in-person sessions virtually, however I would appreciate you letting me know if that is your plan so we are set up to zoom you in. The link to join virtually will remain the same, and  is listed above.

Please be aware that there is preparation involved prior to each group. Before each PLC you will receive a video to watch and a video observation form to complete. We will be discussing these during our time together. To access the video and form, click on the corresponding PLC below under “Course Content.”

Click on the link below for the cohort assignments, schedule, and location. I’m looking forward to connecting with you in a smaller group.

Group PLC Cohorts