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In these trainings we’ll explore working with educators as a way to support our child clients.  Neuroscience can help us understand what is happening for educators and students in moments of dysregulation. As mental health professionals, being able to practically apply this knowledge enhances our work with educators and students.

This one-of-a-kind training includes diving into the neurobiology of regulating through challenges, and creating and supporting regulatory environments for students and adults. Most importantly we’ll learn how to apply what our learning by using a developmental mindsets paradigm as you work with the other adults. This means learning how to assess where educators and caregivers are in their readiness to do this work so you can meet them where they are, as you support them.. This approach is a game-changer as it works with the resistance and challenges you may be facing as you implement a regulatory focused, educational neuroscience approach

Pease note some key information below:

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General handouts are below. Workbooks are found on individual class pages

Developmental Mindsets Paradigm

DMP Dynamics

Understanding and Recognizing Brain States

Stress Reactions Continuum

Nervous System Symptoms and Regulation Strategies in the Classroom

Teaching Self-Regulation & Interoception Skills

SR Skills How-To and Why Template

Ways to Activate the Vagus Nerve

Brain-Aligned Strategies

Types of Reflections in SPT

Being an External Co-Regulator Key Points

Setting Boundaries in Play Therapy: A Synergetic Play Therapy Approach

Instructor: Judith Norman, MA, MS, LPC, RPT-S is Licensed as both a Professional and School Counselor. Judith is a Registered Play Therapist Supervisor and is also Certified as a Synergetic Play Therapy® Teacher and Supervisor, and in EMDR therapy, along with being trained in Mindfulness in Education. She has been utilizing the tenets of Synergetic Play Therapy® in educational settings for the past 10 years, leading to the development of social-emotional, trauma-informed, programming to support students and educators.

Judith has been a School Counselor at Title One schools and two-way bilingual immersion schools, has worked at the district level as a Social Emotional Learning Coach in the United States, and as a School Counselor and Director of Guidance at an international school overseas. Having worked at the intersection of education and mental health for over 20 years, Judith trains and supervises both school-based and clinical mental health professionals. Judith speaks nationally, and consults, and teaches internationally, has developed SEL and trauma-informed, programming across various levels of school functioning, and has supported Department of Education state-wide initiatives with district and state-wide training for educators, school-based mental professionals, and educational leaders. Judith led her school district in implementing a Kaiser Permanente “Thriving Schools Grant,” aimed at advancing social-emotional wellness and behavioral health in school districts. Judith co-authored a chapter in a soon-to-be-released book titled, “The Play-based and Expressive Therapies Treatment Planner: A Guide to Working with Children and Adolescents.”


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