Lisa Walton
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With this new awareness I’m able to non-judgementally reflect on how I have been showing-up with educators, very much in ‘fix-it’ mode rather than ‘being with’. I’m excited to feel the shift from ‘fixer’ to ‘ally’. It feels lighter, there’s a ‘togetherness’ that comes with it. And this also gives me pause to reflect on why I have been leading from a place of fixing… I get to be curious about my own beliefs, how I am with my own activation and what strategies I still unconsciously use when perceiving challenges in my own relationships (with educators, students, parents…). I didn’t expect this from today’s session: I see where I am still afraid to be with the activation in my own system – i don’t want to feel it so I have to fix it as quickly as possible – and of course I project that straight out onto the people I’m in relationship with. I so appreciate the insights and learnings from today. The work really does begin with us! Thank you x