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    How will you move forward in your work empowering educators?

    Heather Porter
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    As I think about how I will move forward in empowering educators I immediately think of two things. Number one, I need to remember to empower and be compassionate with myself first. This will be critical for several reason. One, because I will be modeling for educators that it’s okay to be real, and make mistakes, and learn from myself and others. In addition, if I can look at my dysregulation from the threats to the brain perspective (particularly the shoulds) it will allow me to stay with the emotions while regulating and acknowledging the educators are experiencing the same. During the shared co-regulation that will follow, I am hopeful the educators will begin to see their strengths and abilities and be compassionate with themselves as well.

    Secondly, the concept of complimentary roles is something I feel really strongly about, and am planning on talking about it constantly and consistently when coaching educators. I believe they’ll feel empowered when they see how I value their input and style and will work with they bring to our team, without forcing my way onto them. I can see that previously there have been students where I have come to meetings with completed behavior plans and told them, this is what were doing. Then would be frustrated when the staff weren’t implementing what I gave them. Now, I plan on facilitating building layered support plans with the team, this will empower them to feel comfortable sharing their expertise of the student, and strategies that work for them which make it much more likely the plan will be implemented.

    As the school year is coming to an end, I am really excited to take some time and dig through this material again. I am looking forward to modifying some of our systems we currently have in place, by using the developmental mindset paradigm from day one next school year. As I develop my beginning of year and on-boarding stuff I plan on starting with felt experiences and talking about stress. Beginning that conversation with the whole building at once makes me feel empowered! (And, slightly less burned out than I was earlier this week (insert winky emoji face here).

    Thanks for all of our time together this year Judy! It was great.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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