Welcome to our second live webinar! We’ll start off class with a review of the content we’ve covered so far. We’ll begin to understand why we are approaching things from a regulatory lens as we ask the questions, “Why is regulation important? and “What do I do with this energy?” We’ll look at ways for growing windows of tolerance by using behavior as a guide to what is needed in that moment. We’ll develop a deeper understanding of what regulation is and isn’t, as we learn to see both regulated and dysregulated states as necessary for growth.

Handouts: The class workbook will help guide you through the discussion and teaching during class.

Class 4 Workbook

We will be referencing the following handouts during class. You can find them by clicking on the “Handouts” button on the main course page and below.

Please watch the video below when prompted to do so during class. The password is: Regulation

To view the Class 4: Growing Windows of Tolerance & Shifting Perceptions live webinar recording, below, please use Password: Synergeticeducation1